Social Value

Employment and Skills

At Aston Group we are committed to providing employment opportunities to local residents to leave a lasting skills legacy and promote social mobility.

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Aston Group's aim is to increase and drive awareness of the vast range of careers available within the Build Environment, raise aspirations and embed the skills and knowledge that are crucial to attaining a role within our industry.

In 2019 we developed our Pipeline to Employment programme that allows us to identify and employ, up and coming talent, by supporting local people into work through a number of different avenues. We have been successful in recruiting through each aspect of the programme, developing strong relationships with local colleges, training providers, job centres, local supply chain, councils and community groups in order to engage with residents and deliver our initiatives, which are bespoke to each community.

We encourage our Suppliers and Sub-Contractors to recruit locally and invest in young people through offering work experience and apprenticeships. We ensure that our recruitment represents the community diversity and demographic and prioritise and proactively support residents with a Social Housing tenancy or who are long- term unemployed and living in a deprived ward to access new job opportunities.

Whilst our Pipeline to Employment programme is a fantastic way to create a pool of local talent for our personal business needs, it is critical to our social value mission that we support, upskill, encourage and inspire community members to attain their employment dreams and goals regardless of role or industry. Aston Group appreciate that communities thrive best when enhanced by a collection of different skill sets and attributes. We therefore believe that it is our privilege to help build confidence, embed sustainable employability skills, improving social mobility and enterprise that allows us to contribute to a strong, resilient society, who have the capability to secure employment, enabling them to support their families for many generations to come.