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Social Value

Building and implementing effective strategies to educate, empower and employ local people, enhance greenspaces and promote positive mental health and wellbeing to create happier and healthier, diverse, inclusive communities.

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  • Our Approach

    The Aston Group approach to social value is built around sharing our team resource and working with partners to create pre-employment training, community and environmental programmes that support the residents of the communities we work in.
  • Community Investment

    Community investment is an important part of the Aston Group social value programme. By working with our partners to support projects with a conventional funding shortfall, the business can create a positive impact for the communities served.
  • Community Engagement

    Our social value initiatives include establishing and supporting long-term community engagement practices across Aston Group and our network of suppliers.
  • Employment and Skills

    At Aston Group we are committed to providing employment opportunities to local residents to leave a lasting skills legacy and promote social mobility.

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