About Us

We are an established, family run, privately owned business that has been setting standards for efficiency, innovation and quality for over 59 years.

  • Our Story

    The founders of Aston Heating started out with a mission to deliver a more professional heating installation service. Since then, the business has evolved into Aston Group, an end-to-end building services and facilities management company
  • Our Values

    Aston Group has built our success by embodying a set of Core Values, that help our workforce deliver outstanding levels of service delivery and expertise.
  • Our Team

    Our success is down to the hard work and efforts of our amazing team. Their ability to interact positively, professionally and empathically with our diverse client base and members of the public, is as important to us as their technical skills.
  • Social Value

    Building and implementing effective strategies to educate, empower and employ local people, enhance greenspaces and promote positive mental health and wellbeing to create happier and healthier, diverse, inclusive communities.
  • Sustainability

    With a long-term aim to integrate sustainability into Aston Group services and internal operations across the business, we are implementing our agenda to build on the sustainable successes the business has created for our clients by introducing new sustainability initiatives within Aston Group operations.