Aston Group are dedicated to enhancing the performance, comfort, and value of your property through innovative retrofit solutions. With our expertise and commitment to sustainability, we're here to guide you through every step of the retrofit process, from initial assessment to project completion.

Commercial ASHP

With a proven track record of delivering high-quality retrofit projects, Aston Group is your trusted partner for upgrading and improving the energy efficiency of your property. Our team of experts combines technical knowledge with practical experience to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives.

To support the UK government goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Aston Group has delivered encouraging early results from the business’s first sustainability strategy.

To ensure our projects meet the energy efficiency installation requirements of the Retrofit Standards Framework, the business is accredited to PAS2030, delivering retrofit projects to PAS2035.

Our Retrofit Services

Energy Assessments and Consultation

Comprehensive energy assessments to identify opportunities for improvement and personalized consultation to optimize energy performance.

Insulation Services

Cavity wall, loft, and solid wall insulation solutions to enhance thermal efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Renewable Energy Installations

Solar panels, heat pumps, and other renewable energy systems to lower carbon emissions and future-proof your property.

Heating System Upgrades

Boiler replacements, underfloor heating installations, and smart heating controls for improved comfort and efficiency.

Double Glazing and Window Replacements

Upgrade to energy-efficient windows to minimize heat loss and enhance indoor comfort.

Ventilation Solutions

Mechanical ventilation systems, heat recovery units, and passive ventilation strategies for optimal indoor air quality.

Smart Home Technologies

Intelligent thermostats, automated lighting, and energy monitoring systems to create a connected and efficient living space.

Project Management and Compliance

Dedicated project management team to ensure seamless execution and compliance with regulations.

Success Stories

47 Greenleaf Road Retrofitting a traditional Victorian home

The 47 Greenleaf Road Victorian house was in dire need of an improvement. Aston Group took on the challenge to transform this ageing property into a sustainable family home. This project aimed to make the house more comfortable while reducing its environmental impact. With careful planning and innovative solutions, Aston Group set out to breathe new life into 47 Greenleaf Road, creating a greener and more inviting space for its inhabitants.

This ambitious project resulted in 82% improved energy use, 64% improved running costs, and 81% reduction in CO2 emissions and went on to win an award for collaboration with the client at the Inside Housing Awards

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Building Engineer Magazine 2

Southfield Court Hostel Retrofitting a 40 flat hostel

This ambitious project was always going to prove challenging with vulnerable residents in situ while the work was undertaken. The hostel was in need of renovation and as part of the brief the building needed to be more energy efficient and generateit's own energy.

With an average EPC rating of D, the council wanted to achieve a minimum rating of C, alongside enhancing monitoring capabilities, upgrading insulation, lighting, ventilation, and sealing the building envelope.

Not only has this deep retrofit visibly changed the building for the better, all the measures installed are combining to huge success, reducing carbon, cutting costs and increasing resident comfort.

This project has also gone on to be shortlisted at the Unlock Net Zero Awards 2024 for 'Green Homes Upgrade of the Year' and 'Collaboration of the Year'

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Southfield Court

Samson Road Conversion of disused space into energy efficient homes

Aston Group integrated eight new properties into an existing residential structure, constructing another additional level and roof. Revamping three underused drying areas to maximise space and usability then converting two unused storage areas into new properties. We then installed air source heat pumps to fuel maisonettes and added insulation for all new properties to reduce cold bridging.

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Sansom Road

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