Junior Sustainability Intern

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When Aston Group visited the Green Jobs Fair at Walthamstow Wetlands in October 2021, we met many interesting people.

One of them was Jinal. She took a seat with our Strategic Communications Manager, Julie Dunn, at a speed meet table and they really hit it off!

It was clear Jinal could be a real asset at Aston Group. Jinal previously studied at Kingston, and more recently, at Brunel University studying Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design. She was looking for a job in corporate sustainability and marketing, with a special preference towards consumer social responsibility.

It was the perfect timing for Aston Group to bring Jinal into the mix with her enthusiasm and business knowledge. She showed such a keen interest in Aston Group and our sustainability challenge ahead.

We are pleased to say Jinal has joined us as a Junior Sustainability Intern for three months, it’s a new position at Aston Group and we are excited to work together.

I have been working with Aston Group for more than three months and it has been nothing but an educational experience for me. Apart from gaining professional exposure, I also got the opportunity to explore basic data analysis, gathering and managing that data in an organised manner and practically implementing my research here.

Julie Dunn has been an incredible and supportive mentor since the day we met at the Green Job’s Fair and after having a quick chat about my educational background, we instantly hit it off! Since then, we have been working on steering the company towards a sustainable and energy efficient path. During this period, we have come across astounding discoveries related to the company’s energy usage and are now aiming to implement solutions.

With further training and an upgraded skillset, I hope to collaborate with other team members to not only help the company but also our clients to make a positive and sustainable change.’

Jinal, Sustainability Intern