Working with the Construction Youth Trust in local secondary school in Dagenham

Our Domestic Gas Contract Manager, Ian Cassidy went to Sydney Russell School to take part in a ‘Being A Professional’ session delivered by Construction Youth Trust for KS5 students. Ian spoke about the types of professional behaviour that an employer expects, and the standards new employees should expect to uphold.

Breaking it down into elements, such as teamwork, being trustworthy and respect, and understanding each of these, Ian was able to prepare the students for entering the world of employment. Ian was impressed at how well behaved and engaged the six students were.

You could see the students wanted to get on and took things seriously, they engaged and had done their homework. They didn’t expect that it all should just happen and that someone would arrive gifting them a job or apprenticeship they knew it had to be earned which was very refreshing.

They were a credit to the school, on time, sensible, articulate, asked the right questions and were very polite, I have no doubt they will do well in their futures ahead.”

Ian Cassidy, Domestic Gas Contract Manager, Aston Group