Gaining experience alongside our electricians

When Waltham Forest Council’s Business Administrative Apprentice, Luke Kirwan-Lewis expressed his interest in the electrical trade, we were more than happy to offer him the opportunity to shadow an electrical engineer and apprentice.

Luke, 24 who works with the Sheltered Housing Independent Living Officer’s team was keen to experience the day-to-day electrical duties and joined us for a week in February. Paired with our qualified electrician Ian and apprentice Billy, he received high praise for his positive and friendly nature, behaviour and attitude.

Luke describes his time with Aston Group

I am a 24 year old graduate, currently doing a Business Administrative Apprenticeship with Waltham Forest Council.

Why did I want to work with Aston Group?
I was motivated by my desire to learn more about the electrician trade. Electrics is absolutely fundamental to our lives; I value its necessity and I appreciate those who have dedicated themselves to mastering it. Ultimately, I wanted to get into the trade and learn everything I could in the short time I had with Aston Group.

I had the fantastic opportunity to shadow two great electricians, Ian and Bill, who brought me to various jobs and locations and gave me a clear insight into the work of an electrician and the knowledge and experience that comes with it. Whether they were doing residential or commercial works, Ian and Bill took their time to guide and inform me of the processes they work with on a daily basis.

I learned about ring circuits, electric safety, rewiring, containment and a host of information I would never have known without the opportunity to shadow Ian and Bill. I appreciate Aston Group for allowing me to join them for a short while and hope future opportunities present itself.

Has it changed my mind?
Absolutely not. If anything, it has motivated me to learn more and try to get deeper into the trade on a practical level, if indeed an opportunity presents itself, I would be keen to get involved.

Luke and Billy