Jerome Headshot

Jerome joined Aston Group in April 2021, and was placed on a four year Level 3 Electrical Apprenticeship.

Through our partnership with Waltham Forest College, we had arranged to interview some of their current electrical students, with Jerome being one of their top referrals.

At the time of his interview, we had already interviewed two other students who we thought were perfect for the role, which was providing us with a big dilemma, as we only had one apprenticeship position on offer. Jerome impressed us so much with his natural positivity, enthusiasm and interest in becoming an electrician, that we felt that we would be foolish to not invest in him.

After campaigning for further apprenticeships to be made available, we were able to successfully offer Jerome and the other two candidates the chance to come on board, train with our experts to enhance their existing skills and start their careers.

Jerome immediately settled into the role, proving popular with the rest of the team who appreciated his dedication to learning the trade and improving his knowledge.

Becoming an apprentice ambassador

Jerome has also embraced every opportunity to give back to his local community, attending career events at schools to give the students a first-hand account
of his lived experience and the reality of the day-to-day duties expected of an apprentice.

Jerome also attended multiple community events where his friendliness and approachability has been a big hit with residents

Jerome at a careers fair