I’m Jay an Electrical apprentice at Aston Group.

I’ve been at Aston Group since September 2021, and was lucky enough to find the apprenticeship through Waltham Forest College.

I choose an apprenticeship particularly because I wasn’t fond of being sat at a classroom 5 days of the week. I prefer to learn more hands on rather than textbook learning full time. Additionally, you are paid to learn whilst working at the same time. I have always been narrowed on the path of doing a construction course and directly on electrics since I studied construction in secondary school

It was an attractive choice because of the qualifications and years of experience I can gain. The money may not be the best to begin with, however the benefits long term is better, and opportunities become broader.

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Jaheim with his colleagues at Aston Group outside Waltham Forest College at National Apprenticeship Week

My first day on the job I was slightly nervous however the staff there are amazing and easy to click with. All staff I have come across treat you like you’ve been a part of the team from the get go and I’d like to thank my Domestics team especially.

My daily day-to-day task at the team I am on now consist of; EICRs, partial rewires, testing and fault finding, I feel very much a part of my electrical domestic team.

Someone who is looking or interested in becoming an apprentice, I would advise they go for it. They should investigate what career they want and then choose the appropriate apprenticeship level and go from there. In my case, finding an apprenticeship was not as easy as I thought, so if the opportunity were to come, they should grab it with both hands.

If I’m given the opportunity to work long term for Aston Group, I would grab it 100% with both hands. The company is warm welcoming and always ready to help with any situation at hand.

For more information visit Apprenticeships and for more about National Apprenticeship Week 2023 click here.

For anyone that is looking for an apprenticeship, go for it and don’t look back. I’d say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Search hard online, don’t be afraid to contact local companies in the area and ask college for help if they have any contacts or partnerships”.

Jaheim Mack-Johnson, Electrical Apprentice, Aston Group