Iman Headshot

I'm Iman, an Electrical apprentice at Aston Group

I am currently completing Electrical Installations in my second year of the apprenticeship. I looked for the apprenticeship myself and received a lot of support from the team at College.

I have always had an interest in the field as I have always been quite hands on and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to be able to progress in a field that would open doors for me in the future and was also a respectable job title.

The apprenticeship has allowed me to gain valuable experience and has given me the chance to earn a wage, but most importantly, the qualifications you get once your apprenticeship is finished.

It has also allowed me to develop confidence and independence but mainly has allowed me to be able to problem solve and think of solutions as the day-to-day work is never the same and can also have some puzzling problems.

Iman and Colby

Some of my day-to-day tasks consist of testing of Council owned properties and carrying out necessary remedial works. Which includes installing a SPD (surge protection device) in the consumer unit, replacing and installing smoke alarms, replacing bathroom and kitchen light fittings, installing a wireless button which controls the smoke alarms for user convenience and a replacing any broken sockets or switches. After we complete the remedial we then carry out a full test of the property.

Being treated as one of the team and not being looked down upon was a surprise to me when I started Aston Group. I do feel like one of the team, I think it is almost to be seen as work family.

Some of the good things about an apprenticeship are the valuable experiences, qualifications and learning to be responsible. It also allows you to grow confidence and become independent. The money is also a bonus!

If I was going to give advice to anyone looking at apprenticeships I would say it is a great step into adulthood and independence and has many other bonuses and I would like to think it is a win win situation for anyone who is looking for relevant experience and qualifications.

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